Alcoa avasi 4Q:n erinomaisesti

Perinteinen tuloskauden avaaja Alcoa pääsi ennusteisiin ja nosti kuluvan kvartaalin ennusteitaan. Kurssi nousee ja tuo tukee samalla myös markkinaa joka tiistaina laski.

Alcoan kommentit ovat aika positiivisia: “What we’re seeing in the world market and our end markets is China is clearly coming back, said the company’s CEO, Klaus Kleinfeld, on CNBC. I would not be surprised if we saw GDP growth above 8 percent. Europe is muddling through, better than most people would have expected … So the eyes are basically on the U.S.

In the end markets, Kleinfeld said “some of the things we are seeing in the U.S. are pretty encouraging” and cited aerospace, automotive, and building and construction.

“All the indicators on building and construction in North America are showing positive signs,” he said

Alcoa ennustaa alumiinimarkkinan kasvavan 7% tänä vuonna edellisvuoden 6% kasvun päälle.

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