Ericssonin 2Q oli hyvä ja yhtiö puhkuu itseluottamusta

Ericsson julkaisi 2Q tuloksensa 17.7. ja se oli hyvä. Pääkohtia:

  • sales were SEK 55.6 (54.8) b. Sales adjusted for comparable units and currency were flat YoY.
  • Gross margin excluding restructuring charges improved to 38.2% (36.7%)
  • Operating income excluding restructuring charges improved to SEK 4.5 b. (8.2% operating margin) from SEK 3.9 b. (7.0% operating margin) driven by improvements in segment Digital Services
  • Net income was SEK 2.6 (1.8) b.
  • The Covid-19 pandemic had a limited impact on operating income and cash flow in the quarter. Tämä vahvistaa näkemyksen että Nokiallekaan korona ei aiheuttanut isompia ongelmia 2Q:lla.
  • Networks grew by 4% organically[1] and the gross margin[2] was 40.5% (41.4%), absorbing a larger share of strategic contracts including 5G volumes in Mainland China where we also took an inventory write-down. The strengthened market position in Mainland China is strategically important as this market is expected to be a driver of critical future requirements and provide us with important scale. The Chinese 5G contracts are expected to be profitable over the life cycle, but had a negative contribution to gross margin in Q2.

Yhtiö säilyttää kuluvan vuoden ja 2022 ennusteensa ennallaan. Yhtiön itseluottamus on kovalla ruotsalaisella tasolla:

Investments in R&D have established us as a leader in 5G, with proven performance and cost of ownership benefits for our customers. We have continued to increase our market share in several markets by leveraging our competitive product portfolio. Profitability in earlier awarded strategic contracts has improved according to plan. We consider strategic contracts to be a natural part of the business and we will stop our forward looking commentary unless there is an extraordinary impact.

We are ready to deliver on the promises of 5G, based on our strong 5G portfolio and a resilient balance sheet. We remain positive on the longer-term outlook. Some customers are accelerating their investments while others are temporarily cautious. With current visibility we maintain the Group targets for 2020 and 2022.

Nokia julkaisee tuloksensa 31.7. Ensi viikon perjantaina. Nokia on Verizon – huhujen jälkeen noussut vajaaseen 3.9 euroon. Nokia on salkkuni toiseksi suurin sijoitus.

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