Kiina aikoo suitsia Ali Babaa?

Eilinen nousu on muuten jatkunut iloisissa merkeissä, paitsi Ali Baba on juuri nyt yli 8% laskussa USAssa ja sitä myöten sitten eilen tämän vuoden huippuhintaan 58.5 euroa Saksassa noussut Softbank, jonka kurssi alkoi jo eilen iltapäivällä valumaan ja on nyt 52.7 euroa. Melkoisia heilahteluita noin ison markkina-arvon osakkeille.

BABAa siis laskee tämä uutinen.

China drafts new antitrust guideline to rein in tech giants, wiping US$102 billion from Alibaba, Tencent and Meituan stocks.

China has released a draft antitrust guideline to rein in internet-based monopolies, signalling policymakers’ heightened concerns over the growing power, influence and risks of digital platforms and their market practices in the economy. The move immediately erased about US$102 billion of market value from Alibaba Group Holding, Tencent Holdings and Meituan.Monopolistic practices by internet platforms, such as demanding vendors to transact only on one platform exclusively, or providing differentiated prices to customers based on their shopping history and profiles, could potentially be outlawed, according to the guideline released by the State Administration for Market Regulation on Tuesday morning.This is the first time the market regulator has attempted to define what constitutes anti-competition practices among internet companies under the law. An overhaul to the Anti-Monopoly Law in January went only as far as tweaking the language to encompass internet companies. It will seek public opinion on the draft until the end of November.

Omistan sekä BABAa että Softbankkia.

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